Golden Retriever Price in India 2024: Ownership Costs Revealed

Golden Retriever Price in India Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in India, known for their friendly and loyal nature. If you’re considering bringing a Golden Retriever into your family, one of the important factors to consider is the price. Moving ahead, we’ll take a closer …

Golden Retriever Price in India 2024: Ownership Costs Revealed

Golden Retriever Price in India

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in India, known for their friendly and loyal nature. If you’re considering bringing a Golden Retriever into your family, one of the important factors to consider is the price. Moving ahead, we’ll take a closer look at the cost of owning a Golden Retriever in India, including the purchase price, food, grooming, and healthcare costs.

Golden Retrievers

“A Golden Retriever doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate. Give them your heart, and they will give you theirs.”

John Grogan

Key Takeaways

  • The price of Golden Retrievers in India can range from ₹25,000 to ₹50,000, with variations in different cities.
  • Factors such as genetics, breeder reputation, location, gender, age, size, and coat color can affect the price of a Golden Retriever.
  • Availability, demand, and transportation costs can also influence the price of Golden Retrievers.
  • Golden Retrievers are friendly, patient, and loyal dogs, best suited for a family-oriented setup and outdoor activities.

Factors Affecting Golden Retriever Price

When considering the price of a Golden Retriever, you need to take into account various factors that can affect the cost. Here are four key factors that can influence the price:

  1. Quality of the golden retriever pup: Puppies with excellent genetics, health, and temperament are usually sold at higher prices.
  2. Colour and size of the golden retriever: Certain coat colors, such as rare colors like black, can command higher prices. Additionally, larger-sized dogs may be priced higher due to their demand.
  3. The breeder’s reputation: A reputable breeder who has a track record of producing healthy and well-socialized puppies may charge a premium for their dogs.
  4. Location and demand for golden retrievers: The availability and demand for golden retrievers in a particular area can impact their price. Typically, areas with a higher demand for the breed may have higher prices. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, the demand for Golden Retrievers is higher, which can drive up the price. On the other hand, in smaller cities or rural areas, the cost may be lower due to less demand.

Considering these factors will help you understand the range of prices for Golden Retrievers and make an informed decision when purchasing one.

Here’s an overview of the average price range for a Golden Retriever puppy from different sources in India:

Pet stores₹25,000 – ₹45,000
Individual breeders₹30,000 – ₹60,000
Kennel Club-certified breeders₹45,000 – ₹90,000
Imported champion bloodlines₹1–1.5 lakhs

Golden Retriever Dog Price City-wise

The purchase price of a Golden Retriever in India can vary depending on several factors, such as location, bloodline, and breeder reputation. Generally, the price range for a Golden Retriever pup in India is between ₹25,000 to ₹60,000. However, some high-quality pups from championship bloodlines can cost up to ₹1,50,000.

LocationPrice Range
Delhi₹25,000 – ₹45,000
Mumbai₹55,000 – ₹85,000
Bengaluru₹40,000 – ₹70,000
Chennai₹30,000 – ₹50,000
Hyderabad₹40,000 – ₹60,000
Pune₹35,000 – ₹55,000
Lucknow₹20,000 – ₹40,000
Jaipur₹30,000 – ₹50,000
Nagpur₹25,000 – ₹45,000
Coimbatore₹35,000 – ₹55,000
Indore ₹30,000 – ₹40,000

Factors Affecting Golden Retriever Price

When it comes to buying a Golden Retriever in India, several factors can affect the price. It’s important to consider these factors before making a decision. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Breed Information

The breed information of a Golden Retriever can have a significant impact on its price. Factors such as the pedigree, bloodline, and health certifications play a crucial role in determining the value of a dog. Golden Retrievers with champion bloodlines or those that have won prestigious titles tend to be more expensive.


The lineage of a Golden Retriever is another factor that affects its price. Dogs with a strong lineage and impressive ancestry often come with a higher price tag. This is because breeders invest time, effort, and resources in maintaining and improving the bloodline of their dogs. Show-quality or breeding-quality Golden Retrievers usually have a higher price due to their desirable lineage.


When it comes to Golden Retrievers, bloodlines play a significant role in determining the pups’ quality and price. Championship bloodlines, where the parents have won awards in dog shows or have been bred for specific traits, can cost more than pups from non-championship bloodlines. Here are some of the popular Golden Retriever bloodlines in India and their approximate prices:

BloodlinePrice Range
Champion Bloodline₹80,000 – ₹1,50,000
Show Bloodline₹40,000 – ₹80,000
Working Bloodline₹30,000 – ₹60,000
Pet Bloodline₹20,000 – ₹40,000
Because of the extensive research and planning involved in breeding champion bloodline Golden Retrievers, the puppies from these bloodlines often have a higher price compared to those from non-champion bloodlines.
Prospective buyers who are interested in participating in dog shows or competitions may be willing to pay more for a puppy with champion bloodlines, as it increases their chances of success in these events.

Breeder Reputation

Choosing a reputable breeder is vital when you buy a Golden Retriever. Reputable breeders invest in the health and well-being of their dogs, making sure they’re properly cared for and getting necessary vaccinations and medical treatments. They’re dedicated to breeding healthy puppies, resulting in higher-quality dogs, which naturally come with a higher price.

The breeder plays a significant role in determining the cost of a Golden Retriever puppy. Reputable breeders who follow ethical breeding practices and provide proper care and socialization for their puppies may charge a higher price.

On the other hand, backyard breeders or puppy mills may offer puppies at a lower cost, but they may not provide the same level of care and health guarantees.


The gender of the Golden Retriever can also influence its price. There are a few factors to consider when it comes to the gender of the dog:

  1. Breeding Potential: If you are specifically looking for a breeding dog or a show-quality Golden Retriever, gender may play a role in the price. Females are often sought after for breeding purposes due to their ability to give birth to litters of puppies. As a result, female Golden Retrievers with good lineage and breeding potential may have a slightly higher price compared to males.
  2. Spaying /Neutering: If you are not planning on breeding your Golden Retriever, it is recommended to spay or neuter them to prevent unwanted litters and potential health issues. The cost of spaying or neutering can vary depending on the gender of the dog. Neutering a male Golden Retriever is generally less expensive than spaying a female.
  3. Behavioral Traits: While there are no definitive differences in behavior between male and female Golden Retrievers, some owners may have personal preferences based on their past experiences with different genders. It’s important to note that individual personality traits can vary regardless of gender, so it’s essential to spend time with the puppy before making a decision.
  4. Health Considerations: There are certain health concerns that can be more prevalent in either males or females. For example, males may be more prone to certain types of cancers, while females may experience hormonal changes during heat cycles. These factors may require additional health monitoring or medical interventions, which could impact the overall cost of owning a Golden Retriever.

Healthcare Costs

Golden Retrievers are prone to certain health issues, such as hip dysplasia, eye problems, and skin allergies. The cost of veterinary care in India varies depending on the location, the vet’s experience, and the severity of the condition. On average, you can expect to spend around ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 per year on veterinary care for a Golden Retriever.

Black coloured Golden Retriever

Coat Color

The coat color of a Golden Retriever can also affect its price. Some colors, such as the classic golden shade, are more popular and desirable, leading to higher prices. Rare coat colors, like white- cream or black, may also be priced higher due to their uniqueness. Ultimately, the coat color is just one factor among many that can influence the overall price of a Golden Retriever.

Factors such as location and demand in specific cities can also influence the price of Golden Retrievers. For instance, cities with a higher demand for this breed may have slightly higher prices compared to areas where Golden Retrievers are less popular.

Food Costs

Golden Retrievers are large-sized dogs and require a nutritious diet to maintain their health and energy levels. The cost of dog food in India varies depending on the brand and quality. On average, you can expect to spend around ₹5,000 to ₹8,000 per month on dog food for a Golden Retriever.

BrandPrice Range
Pedigree₹1,500 – ₹3,000
Royal Canin₹2,000 – ₹4,000
Hill’s Science Diet₹3,000 – ₹5,000
Orijen₹4,000 – ₹6,000

Grooming Costs

Grooming Costs Golden Retrievers have a thick coat that requires regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling. The cost of grooming services in India varies depending on the location, the groomer’s experience, and the dog’s size. On average, you can expect to spend around ₹1,000 to ₹3,000 per session for grooming services, with most dogs requiring grooming every 2-3 months.

Initial Supplies and Preparations

Once you bring home your Golden Retriever puppy, some essential supplies and preparations will be needed to provide for their needs. Here are some approximate costs for initial supplies:

  • Dental Products: It is crucial to maintain your Golden Retriever’s oral hygiene. You will need toothpaste, toothbrushes, and dental chews, which typically range from ₹ 700 to ₹ 1500.
  • Crate: A crate provides a safe and comfortable space for your Golden Retriever, especially during training or transportation. The cost of crates can range from ₹3,000 to ₹10,000, depending on the size and quality.
  • Bedding – It’s essential to have a cozy bed for your Golden Retriever to rest and sleep on. Golden Retrievers typically require larger-sized beds, which can cost between ₹1,000 to ₹3,000
  • Food and water bowls: To ensure your Golden Retriever has access to fresh food and water, you will need food and water bowls. These are usually priced between ₹500 to ₹1,500, depending on their size and material.
  • Collar, leash: Every dog needs a collar and leash for daily walks and outings. You can find a variety of collars and leashes ranging from ₹500 to ₹2,000, depending on the material and design.
  • Toys – Golden Retrievers are active and playful dogs, so it’s important to provide them with various toys to keep them entertained. These can include chew toys, interactive toys, and balls, which generally cost between ₹1,000 to ₹3,000
  • Grooming supplies (brush, shampoo, clippers, etc.): Golden Retrievers have thick and luscious coats that require regular grooming. You will need a suitable brush to keep their fur clean and tangle-free. The cost of brushes for Golden Retrievers typically ranges from ₹2,000 to ₹5,000
  • Puppy training pads: ₹500 for a pack of 100
  • Pet insurance: ₹4,000 to ₹10,000 annual premium

You’ll also need to puppy-proof your home by moving any dangerous objects, covering wires, locking cabinets, etc. Any gates to block off rooms or access to stairs should be installed.

Overall, expect to spend ₹15,000 to ₹40,000 on initial supplies and preparations for welcoming a Golden Retriever puppy.

Other Costs In addition to the purchase price, food, and grooming costs, there are other costs associated with owning a Golden Retriever in India. These include:

  • Core & Rabies Vaccinations: ₹2,000 to ₹4,000 per year
  • Microchipping: ₹1,500 to ₹3,000 Training: ₹5,000 to ₹15,000
  • Toys and Accessories: ₹2,000 to ₹5,000 per year

Overall, the total cost of owning a Golden Retriever in India can range from ₹20,000 to ₹60,000 per year, depending on the factors mentioned above. However, many dog owners would agree that the love and companionship they receive from their dogs is well worth the cost.

Recurring Expenses of Owning a Golden Retriever

Once you bring your Golden Retriever home, you’ll have some regular recurring expenses for their care and needs. Here are approximate costs for major recurring expenses:

  • High-quality dog food: ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 per month
  • Treats for training: ₹500 to ₹1,500 per month
  • Grooming appointments: ₹1,500 to ₹3,000 every 6–8 weeks
  • Deworming and vaccines: ₹2,000 to ₹4,000 annually
  • Pet insurance premium (if purchased): ₹4,000 to ₹10,000 annually
  • Unexpected medical care: ₹5,000 per year (average)
  • Dog walking or pet sitter (if needed): ₹5,000 to ₹15,000 monthly

In total, expect to spend ₹15,000 to ₹30,000 per month on recurring expenses for your Golden Retriever. Medical emergencies, special training classes, or boarding can drive costs higher.

Other One-Time Costs

Here are some other one-time expenses that can crop up:

  • Obedience training: ₹5,000 to ₹15,000 for puppy and intermediate training
  • Microchipping – ₹1,500 to ₹3,000
  • Spaying/neutering: ₹4,000 to ₹8,000
  • Emergency medical treatment: Wide range, starting from ₹5,000 based on condition
  • Dog boarding: ₹300 to ₹1000 per day

These costs are not recurring monthly but should be budgeted for over the lifetime of a Golden Retriever.

Total Lifetime Cost

Given all these expenses—one-time and recurring—the estimated total lifetime cost of owning a Golden Retriever in India can be ₹7 to 15 lakhs or more.

This is a significant investment, but for most Golden Retriever owners, the years of companionship and joy are incredibly rewarding!

Proper budgeting, insurance coverage, and preventative care can help manage costs more effectively. But caring for a Golden comes with a higher-than-average price tag compared to other breeds.

Factors That Affect Golden Retriever Cost in India

Several factors can influence the expenses involved with owning a retriever-

Age at Adoption: Puppies require more medical care and supplies initially compared to adopting an adult Golden.

Health: Costs are lower with a healthy dog vs. one with chronic conditions needing frequent treatment.

Size: Larger Goldens require more food and medication dosages.

Activity Level: High-energy dogs need more outlets like training, dog walking, etc.

Grooming Needs: Dogs with long, high-maintenance coats need professional grooming more frequently.

How to Manage the Expenses

Here are some tips to make Golden Retrievers more affordable:

  • Adopt rather than buy from breeders to save on purchase price
  • Opt for pet insurance to limit unexpected medical bills
  • Buy supplies in bulk online to save on recurring costs
  • Learn to do basic grooming yourself instead of professional groomers
  • Use reward-based training to avoid classes
  • Provide interactive toys to avoid boredom and destruction
  • Feed high-quality kibble instead of expensive raw food or wet foods

With proper planning and budgeting, Golden Retrievers can be managed even on a moderate income in India. Their loving companionship makes the investment worthwhile for most owners.

If you have the means to provide a loving home, Golden Retrievers make wonderful additions to families! Just be sure you’re financially prepared before bringing one of these fabulous dogs into your life.

Is it cheaper to adopt or buy a golden retriever?

When considering the cost of obtaining a golden retriever, it is generally found that adoption tends to be more cost-effective compared to purchasing one. Adoption fees typically range from ₹15,000 to ₹20,000. However, it is essential to keep in mind that additional expenses might arise when adopting a golden retriever, such as covering certain vaccinations and procedures. Furthermore, the cost may also vary depending on whether the dog is male or female, as there may be differences between the two genders that could influence the price.

It is important to note that shelters and rescues may have limited options available, especially if you have specific preferences such as gender, breed, age, or health condition. Conversely, purchasing a golden retriever from a reputable breeder may offer a wider variety to choose from. Additionally, buying from a trusted breeder may increase the likelihood of bringing home a golden retriever that is already happy and healthy, resulting in potential long-term cost savings.

On the flip side, there are potential challenges and expenses associated with adopting golden retrievers. Sometimes, these dogs may have behavior or health issues, which can make future care more difficult and costly. This is because you may not have access to as much information about your adopted dog’s history as you would when purchasing from a reputable breeder.

Ultimately, while adoption tends to be more affordable initially, there are factors to consider that may impact the long-term costs. It is essential to take into account your specific preferences, financial capabilities, and willingness to potentially handle any health or behavioral issues that may arise when deciding between adopting and purchasing a golden retriever.

White golden retriever price in India

According to the information available, a white golden retriever puppy typically costs between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 55,000 in India. The price can vary depending on factors like the breeder’s reputation, the puppy’s lineage, gender, coat color, and location.

Some key points on white golden retriever prices in India:

  • White golden retrievers are a rare colour variation of the popular golden retriever breed. They have a light golden or cream-coloured coat instead of the typical rich gold.
  • Due to their rarity, white golden retriever pups often cost more than the average golden retriever’s price range.
  • Prices may be on the higher end from reputable breeders specializing in this color variation.
  • Location also impacts price, with costs generally being lower in small cities and towns compared to bigger metro areas.
  • Additional costs like vaccinations and supplies can add Rs. 5,000–10,000 more to the initial puppy cost.

Tips for Finding the Right Golden Retriever Breeder

Finding the right breeder is essential to ensuring that you get a healthy, well-tempered Golden Retriever. Here are some tips to help you find the right breeder:

  • Research: Do your research and find breeders who have a good reputation and a solid bloodline. Look for breeders who are members of breed clubs or have won awards for their dogs.
  • Visit the breeder: Visit the breeder in person to see the dogs and meet the breeder. This will give you an idea of the environment the dogs are raised in and the breeder’s dedication to their dogs.
  • Ask questions: Ask the breeder questions about the dogs, their health clearances, and their temperament.

A reputable breeder will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with information about their dogs.

To summarize, when buying a Golden Retriever in India, it’s crucial to consider the breed information, lineage, reputation of the breeder, and location. These factors contribute to the overall price of the dog and can help you make an informed decision based on your budget and preferences. By understanding these factors, you can ensure that you are getting a healthy and well-bred Golden Retriever that is worth the investment.

What should potential buyers look for in terms of breeders’ online presence?

When searching for breeders online, potential buyers should look for breeders who have lots of photos and videos about each dog. This visual documentation provides transparency and gives buyers a better understanding of the breeder’s dogs and their living conditions.

What should potential buyers look for in terms of breeders’ interactions with the puppies?

Potential buyers should look for breeders who have small families and who play and socialize with the puppies daily. This level of interaction ensures that the puppies grow up in a happy and well-socialized environment, which is important for their overall development.

Should breeders provide assurances and health guarantees?

Yes, breeders should provide assurances and health guarantees. A reputable breeder takes responsibility for any genetic problems that may arise with the puppies, rather than passing the cost and liability to the buyer. This ensures that the buyer can have peace of mind knowing that they are getting a healthy and well-cared-for puppy.

Should potential buyers be able to visit the breeder’s facilities and meet the parents of the puppies?

Yes, potential buyers should be able to visit the breeder’s facilities and meet the puppies. Additionally, it is ideal if the breeder also allows potential buyers to see at least one of the parents. This allows buyers to assess the living conditions, socialization, and temperament of both the puppies and their parents.

What type of documentation should the breeder provide regarding health checks performed on the puppies?

The breeder should provide rigorous paperwork signed by a veterinarian that shows all the health checks performed on the puppies. This documentation is crucial in ensuring that the breeder has taken the necessary steps to ensure the health of the puppies.

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